There is a lot of people in need of money, that is why you should not judge every beggar because of one persons act.

Let's remember that the majority of people who beg are doing so because they are in need of money - to be able to buy food and beverage. In addition of these honest people, who actually needs money are those people who are playing sick, disabled or saying that they need money for their children's operation in order to receive your money.

The woman in the clip below is walking around the streets, knowing exactly where to walk to get a lot of money from it. During daytime, she's walking around pretending to be disabled in order to get money so she can party at night. Nonetheless, she got caught in act where she actually changed clothes in her car and this can be seen in the video. Once they confront here, she's not saying anything - rather she got questioned but she didn't give any response at all. Shame on her!

Watch the clip below: