Have you ever been punished by one of your parents? Did they take away your computer for a few days or did you get a curfew for a few days?  Then we could easily conclude that there is not even comparable to these punishments.

At my younger ages, when I was 8 or 9, the worst punishment I could get was a curfew for a few days. Back then the best thing I knew was to play outside - running around with other kids and having fun. Unlike other girls I liked sports instead of dolls, I only had male friends so I always participated and played football with them. At the end of the day, I arrived home with bloody knees and I loved it.

In this clip, you'll see everything from an overprotective father who wouldn't let his daughter date anyone to another father who actually puts on super tight shorts. He puts on the shorts just to embarrass his daughter. His main thought was that if he starts wearing tight shorts, she might. By embarrassing her she might stop wearing tight shorts herself. Don't you just think he's made a fool out of himself?

Watch the clip below: